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December Iconic Market Box - Fireside Favorites

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Gather friends and family for some of our favorite seasonal (and delicious) traditions!

Rachel's Original Ginger Beer and Blood Orange Ginger Beer are wonderful served straight up for a sparkly toast or heat and add whiskey to create Rachel's Hot Toddy... 

Salt Blade Meat's Orange Coriander Salami is an expert pairing with Beecher's seasonal Yule Käse, a unique version of the Flagship Reserve Cheese aged in red wine and local, blackberry honey. For some nostalgia, spread Samish Bay Cheese's Vache cheese (think fancy cream cheese) topped with Raspberry Pepper Jam from Sidhu Farms on Beecher's Original Crackers. 

We're excited to include fresh, Skagit Valley chestnuts from Lazy Squirrel Nut Farm. Haven't roasted chestnuts before? No problem! Lazy Squirrel Nut Farm is providing card with instructions in every box.

Our friends at Kaffeeklatsch Seattle are back by popular demand! If you loved their pretzels from the Oktoberfest Iconic Market Box; this month we have their Marzipankartoffeln, also known as Marzipan Potatoes, a traditional German Holiday confection.

Plus Joe Chocolate's Frosted Peppermint Bark for some festive cheer!

Boxes this month are available with or without produce.

Delivery* is available on Fridays December 3rd, 10th, 17th, 31st as well as Thursday, December 23rd. Consider ordering our Iconic Market Boxes as a monthly subscription for a lower flat rate. Check it out!

What's in The Iconic Market Box for December:

  • Beecher's Handmade Cheese Yule Käse (8oz.)
    To make the Yule Käse, the cheese is first clothbound and open-air aged for 13 months. The truckle is then further aged in red wine and local, blackberry honey. The resulting cheese has Reserve's flavors of nut and caramel, but with floral tones of honey and red berries.
  • Salt Blade Meats – Orange Coriander Salami (3.8oz.)
    Orange zest, toasted coriander seeds, and a hint of fresh rosemary make a bright and fresh tasting all-pork salami. (Contains dairy)
  • Samish Bay Cheese – Vache (9.5oz.)
    Creamy spreadable cheese. 1st Place Award by the American Cheese Society in the Fresh Un-ripened Cow’s Milk Cheese Category and a Good Food Award winner for 2021.
  • Sidhu Farms – Raspberry Pepper Jam (10.5oz.)
    Low sugar and contains 80% more fruit than traditional jams.
  • Beecher's Handmade Cheese  Original Crackers (6oz.)
    Beecher's Crackers are rich and buttery with a nutty sweetness and an excellent crunch.
  • Lazy Squirrel Nut Farm – Fresh Skagit County Chestnuts (1lb.)
    Roasting instructions included.
  • Kaffeeklatsch Seattle  Marzipankartoffeln - Marzipan Potatoes (1 bag)
    Marzipankartoffeln are baby potatoes made from marzipan coated in cocoa powder. In Germany, they are traditionally given to friends in little bags or placed on the goodie plate at Christmastime.
  • Joe Chocolate Co.  Frosted Peppermint Dark Chocolate Espresso Bark (2.5oz.)
    Naturally caffeinated dark chocolate made with small-batch roasted espresso. Made with crunchy peppermint candy pieces.
  • Rachel's Ginger Beer  1 Original Ginger Beer and 1 Blood Orange Ginger Beer (12oz. bottles)
    Heat the Blood Orange Ginger Beer, then add 2oz. bourbon/whiskey and garnish with star anise to create the Blood Orange Hot Toddy served at Rachel's in the fall and winter!

What's in Frank's Quality Produce Box for December:

Spruce up your holiday charcuterie platters with pears, apples and grapes. Plus potatoes, carrots and rosemary. And for a little extra "luck" as we approach the new year: oranges (symbolizing gold/wealth), pomegranate (abundance), and kale (leafy greens symbolize prosperity).

Produce assortment is what is expected, however adjustments may need to be made based on quality and availability. Additional produce boxes are available for add on! 


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