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I 🤍 Seattle Postcards

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4-pack of I 🤍 Seattle postcards

Getting something in the mail has never been more fun and delightful than during these COVID times. 

Do you love Seattle? Are you proud to represent a city that is strong, resilient, and delicious? Show your love and pride for our town by sending a piece of our hearts far and wide. 

Grab a pen, maybe some stickers for the kids, and send a few quick and easy notes to surprise friends and family with. Guaranteed they'll make it to the Refrigerator Hall of Fame! There's something so eye-catching and special about these little postcards. 

Where will these postcards get sent to? Tag us on social media with pics of the far corners of the globe that these cards travel to! We can't wait to see where you take them.

Free shipping! Available for a la carte standalone ordering and as an add-on to any local delivery or nationwide shipping Box order.