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August Iconic Market Box - Meet The Maker

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Similar to giving a walking food tour of Pike Place Market, every box we curate has a story. And within that larger narrative is the story of each of the small businesses and producers who create the delicious food we get to deliver to your doorstep. So this month's theme is "Meet the Maker!"

Join us this month as we share more of these stories with you on our Facebook and Instagram Pages and get to know the amazing people we have the privilege of collaborating with to create our Iconic Market Boxes!

Boxes this month are available with or without produce.

Delivery* is available on Tuesdays and Fridays from August 3rd through 27th. Consider ordering our Iconic Market Boxes as a monthly subscription for a lower flat rate. Check it out!

What's in The Iconic Market Box for August:

  • Patty Pan Cooperative Market Vegetable with Queso Fresco Tamales (3ct.)
    Fresh market veggies are delicately roasted, spiced with our custom Patty Pan blend, and combined with fresh cheese for this delightfully nutritious tamale treat. Patty Pan's tamales feature heirloom white corn masa imported by Masienda, a company that works with smallholder subsistence farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Fillings are made from scratch using plenty of local and organic ingredients.
  • Patty Pan Cooperative  Chicken Tomatillo Tamales (3ct.)
    For this savory tamale filling we slow cook chicken in our own mild green chile and tomatillo salsa until it is pull-apart tender.
  • Bonnie B's Peppers  Original Greens (12oz.)
    A true savory, vinegary pickled pepper.  Hungarian Wax Peppers with garlic, vinegar, and dried herbs.
  • Beecher's Handmade Cheese  Plain Cheese Curds (5oz.)
    Bite-size nuggets of fresh cheese, also known as “squeaky cheese,” Beecher's Cheese Curds are full-flavored with a clean milky taste.
  • Brewmaster's Bakery - You Gotta Be Craisin Me Granola (8oz.)
    Spent grain (wheat, rye, barley that have had their sugars pulled), rolled oats, brown sugar, honey, butter, craisins, semi-sweet chocolate.
  • Samish Bay Cheese  Greek Yogurt (16oz.)
    Pure whole milk yogurt, strained overnight. Nothing is added to aid the thickening process.
  • Hot Dame!  Chile Pepper Cocktail Shrub (4oz.)
    2021 Good Food Award Winner! Pair tequila or Mezcal (alcohol not included) with a salted rim. For alcohol-free folks, a seltzer is a refreshing substitute.
  • Joe Chocolate Co.  Summer S'more Dark Chocolate Espresso Bark (2.5oz.)
    Naturally caffeinated dark chocolate made with small-batch roasted espresso. Made with handmade marshmallows and graham crackers!
  • See Lee Garden  Mixed Bouquet of Market Flowers
    Additional bouquets are available for add on! 

What's in Frank's Quality Produce Box for August:
It's Summer and we're focusing on locally grown produce as much as possible! Whip up a fresh market salad with spinach, lettuce, cucumber, and heirloom tomatoes. Plus onion, garlic, corn, green beans, potatoes, stone fruit, melon and more! 

Produce assortment is what is expected, however adjustments may need to be made based on quality and availability. Additional produce boxes are available for add on! 


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