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4/20-4/23: Iconic Market Box - Happy Campers Box

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Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day and we've got a box designed to inspire us all to get out and enjoy Mother Nature! Whether you're game for a weekend camping trip or a scenic drive, this box will keep you going.

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What's in "The Works" box for 4/20 – 4/23:
Our most popular size!

  • Frank's Quality Produce  A large box celebrating nature's bounty! Mushrooms, watercress and berries. Veggies to roast over a campfire: potatoes, corn and zucchini. As well as bananas, avocados and mini watermelon.
  • Patty Pan Cooperative Chicken-Tomatillo Burritos (2ct.)
    Chicken slow-cooked with mild green chile and tomatillo salsa until it is pull-apart tender and combined with a blend of black beans and rice. Hand rolled inside Patty Pan's famous fresh flour tortillas!
  • Patty Pan Cooperative Bean and Cheese Burritos (2ct.)
    A delicately spiced filling of black beans, rice, sweet corn, and cheddar cheese make this classic vegetarian burrito a favorite of kids and parents alike.
  • Shine Plant Power Salad (20oz.)
    Chickpeas, shredded carrots & beets, cucumbers, cilantro, baby kale & spicy tahini dressing
  • Glondo's Sausage Co.  Large snack pack (8.9oz.)
    Smoked beef steak strips, pepperoni stick, dry salami, cheddar, and mozzarella. Sometimes known as "Cowboy Trailmix."
  • SeaBear Smokehouse – Smoked Wild King Salmon Jerky (1.25oz.)
  • Chukar Cherries – Dried Rainier Cherries (5.4oz.)
  • Forij Energize Granola (8oz.)
    Gluten free oats, almonds, walnuts, maple syrup, cinnamon PLUS functional mushroom extracts for a true superfood granola... and no, it does not taste like mushrooms!
  • Joe Chocolate Co. - Salted caramel dark chocolate espresso bark (2.5oz.)
    Naturally caffeinated dark chocolate made with small-batch roasted espresso. Made with crunchy salted caramel pieces and a dash of sea salt.
  • Middle Fork Roasters  Savor Seattle Blend coffee (12oz.)

What's in "Classic" box for 4/20 – 4/23:
The same items as "The Works," with the following adjustments:

  • Frank's Quality Produce  Smaller produce box
  • Glondo's Sausage Co.  Small snack pack (4.5oz.)
  • Omits bean and cheese burritos and coffee


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